Sheep Husbandry Department Kashmir

Mandate of promoting sheep and goat development

Areas of interest

  1. Genetic up-gradation of livestock

  2. Health Care & Extension

  3. Employment Generation

  4. Fodder development


Genetic Up-gradation

Vertical improvement of flocks

Selective breeding
(Improvement in traits is achieved by way of introduction of Elite rams/bucks into flocks 1700 Govt. Breeding Rams currently in field )

Source of Elite Rams and bucks

a) Departmental farms.
b) Local gene pool

Health Cover and Extension

Executed through:-

Employment Generation & Expansion of Livestock

Assistance to interested persons in establishing sheep & goat units under central and UT sector schemes.

Around 2200 sheep and goat units have been established during last 10 years under RKVY, MSF, TSP etc.


Direct employment to 2200 persons.

Fodder Development

Provisions to progressive breeders/farmers:-

Fodder Production (hay) in Departmental Farms

2015-16 2016-17 2017-18 2018-19 2019-20
8810 Qntls 6087 Qntls 6141 Qntls 6952 Qntls 7400 Qntls

Institutional Resources

Types of Assets Total
Sheep Breeding Farms 8
Goat Farm 1
Rabbit Farm 1
Sheep Extension Centres 446
First Aid Centres 39
Veterinary Hospitals/Dispensaries 7
Laboratories 11

Human Resource

  Gazetted Non-Gazetted/Class-IV Total
Sanctioned Strength 219 2258 2477
In position 184 1705 1889
Vacant 35 553 558