Major Achievements

  • Around 85% of sheep are of improved variety (Cross Breeds) which produces finer wool and are fast growing.
  • Ours is the finest wool producing region in the country.
  • 35% of Mutton demand is met locally.

Contribution to Economy


Item Quantity Value Approx. Cost
Mutton 112 (Lac kgs) Rs. 500 Crore Rs. 450 per kg
Wool 32 (Lac kgs) Rs. 32 Crore Rs. 100 per kg

Total: Rs. 532 Crore

Demand and Supply (2019-20)

Product Local Demand Local Produce Imports
Mutton 310 lac kgs 112 lac kgs 208 lac kgs
Wool Nil 32.74 lac kgs Nil
Hides Nil 8.5 lacs Nil
FLIGHT OF CAPITAL: Rs 800-900 crores per year. (Mutton supply from neighboring states)

Current Scenario

Huge local demand for mutton and wide gap between demand and supply
Focus is on increasing the mutton production and sustaining the gains (fineness etc) already achieved in wool.
Emphasis on growth and weight gain characteristics for obtaining a progeny with traits of more and quick growth.

Accelerated Breed Improvement

In order to boost the ongoing breed improvement programme and to negate the ill effects of inbreeding, which have crept-in for last several, the department has just imported 420 sheep of Merino breed from Australlia. These shall be bred in departmental farms and their progeny supplied to field for dessemination of high quality germplasm with ultimate aim of significantly increasing the mutton and wool production.

New Technological Interventions

Introduction of Assisted reproductive techniques in Sheep & Goats.

Promoting Multiplicity

Project for increasing twin/triplet births through introgression of Fec-B gene, has been underway at Sheep Farm Goabal for last several years.

Department is now propagating Fec B gene in field, through supply of Fec B Rams, for better returns to farmers in terms of twin/triplet births.

Infrastructural Strengthening

For ensuring better delivery of services to farmers and timely health care to livestock, the department constructed 42 structures like centres, dispensaries, hospitals & laboratories during last ten years. Additional 9 such structures are under construction.