S. No No./Date Subject S. No No./Date Subject
40. DSHK/Gen-16/Inf/3316-22

Dated:- 09/07/2018

Nomination of In-Service Assistant Stockmen of Sheep Husbandry Kashmir for undergoing Stock Assistant Training Course  Batch 2018-19. 40. DSHK/Tech/2016-17/Cir- Brucellosis/3581-3603

Dated: 03/06/2017

Disposal of Brucella affected Animals
41. DSHK/Gen-16/Inf/3139-53

Dated:- 04/07/2018

Nomination of In-Service Assistant Stockmen of Sheep Husbandry Kashmir for undergoing Stock Assistant Training Course  Batch 2018-19. 41. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/Migration/3191-3220

Dated:- 23/05/2017

Deployment of staff to Highland Pastures during summer for the year 2017-18.
42. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/FoTC/2147-2160

Dated:- 01/06/2018

Constitution of Monitoring Cell. 42. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/Migration/3036-65

Dated:- 20/05/2017

Provision of Veterinary Health Care to migratory Flocks at various Highland pastures during summer grazing for the year 2017-18
43. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/FoTC/1877-94

Dated:- 28/05/2018

Constitution of Scientific Advisory Committee 43. DSHK/RTI/2017-18/04/2244-52

Dated:- 03/05/2017

Suo-moto disclosure of the information-Implementation of Section 4 of J&K RTI Act 2009
44. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/FoTC/1606-44

Dated:- 17-05-2018

Constitution of Joint Technical Committee 44. DSHK/Tech/2016-17/Cir/9361-85

Dated: 22-02-2017

Training Programme on  "Ruminant infertility and reproductive techniques, challenges-A way forward"
45. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/FoTC/1377-1421

Dated:- 11-05-2018

Constitution of Zonal Committees 45. DSHK/Tech/2016-17/WB/9003-16

Dated:- 07/02/2017

Convergence of Insurance Scheme for Sheep Breeders
46. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/FoTC/1286-1319

Dated:- 09-05-2018

Constitution of Joint Technical Committee 46. DSHK/Tech/Circular/2016-17/7514-44

Dated:- 27-12-2016

Publication of five (05) years performance of the department
47. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/Training/799-109

Dated:- 23/04/2018


Training Programme at SKUAST-K 47. DSHK/RTI/2016-17/01/5899-926 Dated:- 15-11-2016 Information Under J&K RTI Act 2009
48. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/Training/779-91

Dated:- 21/04/2018


Training Programme on "Economically important diseases of livestock" 48. DSHK/Tech/2016-17/Cir/2805-28

Dated: 22-06-2016

Maintenance of History Record of Government Rams in fields/farms organisation.
49. 69-03-ASHof 2018

Dated: 28-03-2018

Transfers and postings in Sheep Husbandry Department 49. DSHK/PF-09/G/15/2247-76

Dated:- 07/06/2016

Approval of tour dairies of Officers/Officails and submission of tour note thereof.
50. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/Training/18325-32

Dated:- 23/03/2018

Paravet Training Programme 50. DSHK/Estt-37/Inf/1054-80 Dated :- 09/05/2016 Up-dating of Seniority list of all Class-IV Employees (Cadre-wise)