S. No No./Date Subject S. No No./Date Subject
1. 96-SHD of 2018

Dated: 16/07/2018

Selection list of candidate for the post of Stock Assistant (District Cadre Anantnag) 1. DSHK/Gen-13/G/3416-45

Dated:- 10/07/2018

Annual Property Statement of the officers/officials.
2. DSHK/Tec/2018-19/Meetings/3565-92

Dated: 14/07/2018

Meeting Notice 2. DSHK/Gen-16/Inf/2769-81

Dated:- 23-06-2018

Nomination of Assistant Stockman for Stock Assistant Training Course
3. DSHK/Gen-16/Inf/3316-22

Dated:- 09/07/2018

Nomination of In-Service Assistant Stockmen of Sheep Husbandry Kashmir for undergoing Stock Assistant Training Course  Batch 2018-19. 3. DSHK/PA/2018-19/BIO-MATRIC-156-161

DATED:- 22/06/2018

Punctuality in Government Offices/Organization --implementation of Biometric Attendance Sysytem.
4. DSHK/Gen-16/Inf/3139-53

Dated:- 04/07/2018

Nomination of In-Service Assistant Stockmen of Sheep Husbandry Kashmir for undergoing Stock Assistant Training Course  Batch 2018-19. 4. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/Tour/2033-41

Dated:- 29/05/2018

Tour Note of Dr. Mohammad Sharief, Sheep Husbandry Department Kashmir.
5. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/FoTC/2147-2160

Dated:- 01/06/2018

Constitution of Monitoring Cell. 5. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/Migration/1905-34

Dated:- 28/05/2018

Provision of Veterinary Health Care to migratory Flocks at various Highland Pastures during summer grazing for the year 2018-19
6. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/FoTC/1877-94

Dated:- 28/05/2018

Constitution of Scientific Advisory Committee 6. DSHK/Tech/Circular/2018-19/1773-97

Dated:- 25/05/2018

Spread of Foot and Mouth Disease in Kupwara area.
7. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/FoTC/1606-44

Dated:- 17-05-2018

Constitution of Joint Technical Committee 7. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/Meetings/1484-515

Dated:- 14/05/2018

Meeting Notice- Regarding
8. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/FoTC/1377-1421

Dated:- 11-05-2018

Constitution of Zonal Committees 8. JDE/E-SAT/2018-19/163-87

Dated:- 10-05-2018

Conductance of final examination of Stock Assistant Trainees batch 2017-18 (Direct Recruited)
9. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/FoTC/1286-1319

Dated:- 09-05-2018

Constitution of Joint Technical Committee 9. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/Tour/1223-31

Dated:- 09/05/2018

Tour Note of Dr. Mohammad Sharief, Director SHDK
10. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/Training/799-109

Dated:- 23/04/2018


Training Programme at SKUAST-K 10. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/Meetings/746-76

Dated:- 21/04/2018


Meeting Notice
11. DSHK/Tech/2018-19/Training/779-91

Dated:- 21/04/2018


Training Programme on "Economically important diseases of livestock" 11. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/ADS/18138-41/07

Dated:- 19-03-2018

Notification- Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in Animal Act,2009.
12. 69-03-ASHof 2018

Dated: 28-03-2018

Transfers and postings in Sheep Husbandry Department 12. DSHK/Gen-4/NG/Sup/14990-15005

Dated:- 21/12/2017

Information regarding vacancy position of Gazetted/Non-Gazetted/Class-IV posts
13. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/Training/18325-32

Dated:- 23/03/2018

Paravet Training Programme 13. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/Cir-ATMA/13902-14

Dated:- 16/11/2017

Holding of Awareness Camps/Capacity Building Programmes Under ATMA