S. No No./Date Subject S. No No./Date Subject
1. DSHK/Estt-64/NG/Sup/17130-42

Dated:- 19/02/2018

Conducting of examination of Stock Assistant Training year 2017-18 1. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/ADS/18138-41/07

Dated:- 19-03-2018

Notification- Prevention and Control of Infectious and Contagious Diseases in Animal Act,2009.
2. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/Cir/NLM/16261-74

Dated:- 25/01/2018

Continuation of the National Live Stock Mission for FY 2017-18 upto 28-02-2018 - Regarding 2. DSHK/Gen-4/NG/Sup/14990-15005

Dated:- 21/12/2017

Information regarding vacancy position of Gazetted/Non-Gazetted/Class-IV posts
3. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/Trainings/14150-80

Dated:- 24/11/2017

Implementation of DBT Programme in the state of J&K -Meeting held by the Chief Secretary on 21-11-2017 3. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/Cir-ATMA/13902-14

Dated:- 16/11/2017

Holding of Awareness Camps/Capacity Building Programmes Under ATMA
4. DSHOS/Estt/Adv/2017-18/1461-66

Dated:- 15/11/2017

Short list of Applicants for the various class IV posts of District Shopian. 4. DSHK/RTI/2017-18/M&R/12056-66

Dated:- 03/10/2017

Monitoring and Reporting on the Implementation of RTI Act-Submission of Quarterly Returns.
5. DSHK/Estt-22/G/2017/13425-50

Dated:- 08/11/2017

Tentative Seniority list of Veterinary Assistant Surgeons of Sheep Husbandry Kashmir 5. DSHK/Supply/MM/03/2017-18/545-56

Dated:- 20/07/2017

Meeting of State Level Purchase Committee Sheep Husbandry Department J&K Kashmir
6. DSHK/Estt-89/NG/Sup/II/13501-06

Dated:- 11/11/.2017

Select list of candidate for the post of Carpenter, Divisional Cadre , Kashmir. 6. DSHK/Estates-06/4903-18

Dated:- 11/07/2017

Safeguarding of the Departmental Properties
7.  DSHK/Estt-02/G/2017/13109-26

Dated:- 28/10/2017

Transfer and Postings 7. DSHK/Estt-87/NG/Sup/11/4852-77

Dated:- 10/07/2017

Declaration of Quasi-Permanant
8. DSHK/Estt-75/NG/Sup/12081-107

Dated:- 03/10/2017

Updated final seniority list of executive staff of Sheep Husbandry Department, kashmir as on 15/02/2017. 8. DSHK/Tech/2016-17/Cir- Brucellosis/3581-3603

Dated: 03/06/2017

Disposal of Brucella affected Animals
9. DSHOS/Estt/Adv/2017-18/1136-41

Dated:- 14/09/2017

Deficiency/ Rejection of Candidature. 9. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/Migration/3191-3220

Dated:- 23/05/2017

Deployment of staff to Highland Pastures during summer for the year 2017-18.
10. DSHK/Estt-89/NG/Sup/II/11790-95

Dated:- 25/09/2017

Select list of candidate for the post of Project Operator, Divisional Cadre , Kashmir. 10. DSHK/Tech/2017-18/Migration/3036-65

Dated:- 20/05/2017

Provision of Veterinary Health Care to migratory Flocks at various Highland pastures during summer grazing for the year 2017-18
11. DSHK/Gen-14/NG/sup/5055-58

Dated:- 17/07/2017

Handing over the charge of Library section. 11. DSHK/RTI/2017-18/04/2244-52

Dated:- 03/05/2017

Suo-moto disclosure of the information-Implementation of Section 4 of J&K RTI Act 2009
12. 107 of 2017

Dated:- 22/06/2017

Selection list of candidate for the post of Electrician (Divisional Cadre, Kashmir) 12. DSHK/Tech/2016-17/Cir/9361-85

Dated: 22-02-2017

Training Programme on  "Ruminant infertility and reproductive techniques, challenges-A way forward"
13. DSHK/Esst-02/G/2016/3757-63

Dated: 07/06/2017

Transfer and posting of the officers of Sheep Husbandry Department 13. DSHK/Tech/2016-17/WB/9003-16

Dated:- 07/02/2017

Convergence of Insurance Scheme for Sheep Breeders