S. No e-NIT / Tender Notice No./Date Subject
1. DSHO/Sgr/Tech/2018-19/6116-22   Dated: 26/02/2019 Short Term Quotations for supply/arrangement of Shamayana & Meals/Refreshment.
2. DDR/Store/2018-19/977-81    Dated: 06/09/2018 Short Term Quotation for Manufacture and Supply of one (01) number of Travis (Sheep Restrain Cage).
3. DSHK/supply/DI/01/2018-19/590-609 Dated:- 23/06/.2018 Fixation of Annual Rate contract for supply of Instrument / Lab Equipments/Machinery Equipments for the year 2018-19
4. DSHOB/Store/2017-18/4669-4672 Dted:- 28/03/2018 Short Term Tenders/Quotation for Harvesting of Departmental Crop/Hay for the year 2018-19
5. DDR/Store/2017-18/1830-33    Dated:- 06-03-2018 Short Term Quotation for supply of Pregnant Mare Serum Gonadotropin (PMSG)
6. DSHK/Supply/PS/13/2017-18/928-34 Short Term Tender for Supply of Calendars for the year 2018.
7. DSHK/Supply/MM/03/2017-18/535-44 Dated:- 20/07/2017 Extension of e-tenders for supply of Shearing Machine/Spares, Cattle Feed, Wheat Bran, Maize, Molasses and Rabbit Feed for the year 2017-18.
8. DSHK/Supp/NIT/CF/05/2017-18/05A SHD of 2017 Dated:-20/06/2017 Compounded Cattle Feed
9. DSHK/Supp/NIT/CF/05/2017-18/05B SHD of 2017 Dated:-20/06/2017 Wheat Bran (Sample Item)
10. DSHK/Supp/NIT/RF/06/2017-18/04  Dated:-20/06/2017 Rabbit Feed
11. DSHK/Supp/NIT/CF/05/2017-18/05C SHD of 2017 Dated:-20/06/2017 Maize Whole Grain (Sample Item)
12. DSHK/Supp/NIT/CF/05/2017-18/05D SHD of 2017 Dated:-20/06/2017 Molasses (Sample Item)
13. DSHK/Supp/Shearing/10/NIT/2017-18/06 SHD of 2017 Dated:-20/06/2017 (A) Shearing Machine (B) Shearing Spares/Accesories
14. DSHK/Supp/RF/06/NIT/2017-18/02 RABBIT FEED
15. DSHK/Supply/04/Harvest/2017-18/49-58 Dated: 01/05/2017 Harvesting of Rabi/Khrief Fodder crop at different Fodder/Sheep Breeding Farms
16. DDR/STORES/2016-17/805-10 Dated: 01-03-2017 Supply of polypropylene 300 ml autoclavable bottles
17. DSHK/Supply/SDRF/16/2016-17/2286-89 Dated: 11-02-2017 Supply of Photography/ Printing Items
18. DSHK/Supply/SDRF/16/2016-17/2255-59 Dated: 09-02-2017 Supply of Iron Stoves along with legs
19. DSHK/Supply/SDRF/16/2016-17/2249-53 Dated: 08-02-2017 Supply of Inverter With Battery
20. DDR/STORES/2016-17/88-100 Notice Inviting -Short Term Quotation For Supply/Printing of Publicity Items.
21. DDR/Store/2015-16/4381-4400 Dated: 12-03-2016 Notice Inviting- Short Term Quotation
22. DDR/Store/Nutri/2015-16/1657-60 Dated: 20-01-2016 Notice Inviting- Short Term Quotation
23. DDR/Store/2015-16/1300-06 Dated: 16-12-2015 Notification Inviting  Quotations for Servo Stabilizer /Online UPS
24. DDR/Tech/2015-16/1632-47 Dated: 28-11-2015 Notice Inviting offers for Printing