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1.Kissan Pakhwada was inaugurated today in different districts, District Sheep Husbandry organisations of all districts in this connection;
-made farmers aware of KCC scheme besides registering them,
-provided awareness about departmental activities by interactive meetings
-distributed literature related to Govt schemes & scientific Husbandry practices,
-displayed exceptional animals and implements for more efficient sheep farming.
Various districts that shared their activities with us related to kissan Pakhwada programme today are;
District Ganderbal, District Kupwara, District Kulgam, District Baramulla and District Bandipora.
2.Routine activities at Summer camps established at Highland pastures by all District sheep husbandry organisations continue.
3.Dosing ,treatment , Vaccination and other routine activities of department for sacrificial animals on eve of Eid-ul-Azha and other livestock in plains continue by the concerned officials of Sheep husbandry department.
All activities are being done while strictly adhering to COVID-19 guidelines.



1.All district organizations are preparing for Kissan Pakhwada programme which shall commence from tomorrow.
2.Routine husbandry activities at summer camps established at highland pastures continue in every district.
3.Ectoparasiticidal dipping of migrated flocks was performed at various summer camps at different highland pastures.
4.Ground work for 100 percent coverage of sheep and goat farmers under KCC continues
5.Bandipora: Reports from a remote Summer camp at Salnie Behak reached us, where officials lead by VAS identified all Govt Rams, assessed their health, treated ailing livestock and provided assistance to stationed breeders with their livestock.
6.Routine activities for livestock in plains which have not migrated to HLPs are being performed by concerned officals
Every activity is being done while strictly adhering to COVID-19 guidelines.



1.Routine Husbandry activities, counseling, interactions with bakerwals and chopans continue at summer camps established on Highland pastures. Reports from summer camps that could reach us on 3rd and 4th July are as under,
Summer camp at sar behak Ringbala By District Kupwara Summer camp at Gangbal by district Ganderbal. Summer camp at lundi Sulban Summer camp at Pateradari Hamkhak by block Sogam. Summer camp at Phamber by District shopian.
Summer camp at Sumpanzal Rafiabad by District Baramulla. Summer camp at linenmarg by district Baramulla. Summer camp at saidando by district Kulgam. Summer camp at kungwattan by district kulgam. Summer camp at Hakwas by district kulgam.
Summer camp at Nassu/Badibehak by district kulgam. Summer camp at zajimarg by district kulgam. Summer camp at sekiwas by district kulgam. Summer camp at Malwan top by district kulgam. Summer camp at Hapatnad by district kulgam.

2.Awareness among sheep farmers is being provided in every district for the successful conduct of the impending Kissan Pakhwada.
3.Ground work for complete coverage of sheep farmers under KCC scheme continues in every district.
4.Routine activities for livestock in plains which has not migrated to highland pastures,is being performed by concerned officials.
Every activity is being performed while strictly adhering to COVID-19 guidelines.


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